Better communication

Dialog offers a set of technologies that make meetings and lessons more pleasant, useful and efficient. We can also remove any location constraints from a lesson or meeting, or record everything and file the presentation so that you can even do a search by keyword and revisit it on screen.

1 press of a button

How would you like to enter a room and with one press of a button activate screens, audio, projectors and blinds, even if these are all completely off? You can! And we can even arrange this remotely so we can get your room ready for your presentation.


The setup of your room. You can count on us to deliver a full-service project. We have years of expertise in setting up all manner of technology in meeting and teaching facilities.


The management of your rooms. No under-utilisation of a room or double bookings. We supply displays and software that link calendar systems to rooms and include a management system.

meeting 2

Technologie makes the dissemination of knowledge easy, interactive and free of location constraints!


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