Teaching and learning are evolving together with the new way in which we approach information and communicate with one another.


This calls for new technologies and makes it possible to adopt a flexible approach to the infrastructure available. Dialog can offer you reliable customised solutions that will enable your teachers to impart their teaching material effectively, with or without interaction from participants. 

Our applications also make it possible to store teaching material and to share it with anyone your teachers want to, any time and any place. What is more, it is possible to allow participants to retrieve the content of what has been said and shown via a knowledge database.

Digital boards have quickly found their way into schools and businesses in recent years, but things are progressing much further.


Flip the classroom

We offer customised solutions that make it easy to flip the classroom. You can comfortably organise the same form of interaction remotely, and training courses or lessons can be archived so that anyone absent, ill or late can watch everything later. And because we can also search by content, your company or institute can create a knowledge database.


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Whenever: time & knowledge management

With Panopto technology we can record lessons or stream them and share them all over the world. This means that not everyone has to be present in person. You can follow the presentation and take part interactively from your home or from anywhere you want.

We can also manage, file and share recorded video material so that no knowledge is lost and you can view a presentation on demand at any time. This way, the knowledge from a presentation is retained and thanks to our system, in which you can even search by content, you can build up a knowledge database within your organisation.

Every organisation works differently, which is why we always produce a customised proposal for our clients. So, you won’t buy anything you don’t need or can’t use. As well as installing software and hardware, we also provide training and support so you can teach without any worries.


  • Recording or streaming lessons

  • Streaming training courses or lessons on demand

  • Remote interaction with participants


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